Board of Aldermen

The Mayor & Aldermen Serve YOU!

The City of Crystal Springs is governed by a Mayor and Board of Aldermen.  Their task is to serve the citizens and ensure that their concerns do not go unheard.  When you have a concern or a problem that needs addressing, call your Aldermen.  The Aldermen meet regularly with the Mayor and city department heads and can effectively help you on concerns such as dilapidated property, city maintenance, etc.  Your elected officials are here to serve you.  Feel free to call them!

Board meetings are open and are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m.  Town meetings are held throughout the year and are announced in the local newspaper.



Pictured left to right(Alderman Steve Singleton, Alderman Darren Powell, Mayor Sally Garland, Alderman Warren Thornton, City Clerk Kimberly Vaughn, Alderman Ray Brown, City Attorney Brock Campbell, not pictured Alderman Michele Terrebonne)



Mayor: Sally Garland

Ward 1: Alderman Ray Brown 

Ward 2: Alderman Steve Singleton 

Ward 3: Alderman Darren Powell 

Ward 4: Alderman Michele Terrebonne

Alderman at Large: Alderman Warren Thornton 

City Attorney: Brock Campbell