Crystal Springs – Home

We are Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

We have been blessed.  From the deepest depths, cool refreshing water, crystal clear, bubbled up from the earth, and gave us a reason to gather.  Those waters nourish our rich land and created a place where hard-working people could share food with the world. Our deep- rooted connection with nature continues today.

We have been fed.  As the railroad stretched out across the land, our packing sheds burst with the bounty of our soil and fueled a hard-working community. From the labors of the land came the aching tunes of the Blues made famous by the likes of Robert and Tommy Johnson, whose influence can be heard in some of the greatest artists in the world. Our faithful connection with each other continues today.

We have been led.  Our Chautauqua Park, founded in a tradition of contemplation and spiritual realization, once again reaffirms our connection to our neighbors on the path of enlightenment. That support extends to the growing young minds of the nation, as the first PTA was founded in that very park. Our steadfast dedication to knowledge continues today.
We are the cool slice of tomato on fresh white bread. We are the concert in the park. We are the festival-lined streets. We are the friendship that lasts a lifetime.
We are Crystal Springs and we invite you to visit, stay a spell, and taste a refreshing slice of home.